30 JUNE 1855, Page 6

40 tout.

THE QUEEN held a Privy Council at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday : Sir Charles Wood, Earl Granville, Sir George Grey, and Lord Palmerston, had audience. On Wednesday her Majesty held a levee at St. James's Palace.

Her Majesty and Prince Albert have visited Burford's panoramas of Sebastopol and the Battle of the Alma this week : they have also been at the Italian Opera and the Olympic Theatre. Prince Albert visited the Wellington Barracks on Thursday; and opened the Royal Medical Bene- volent College at Epsom, and inspected Mr. Schutz's calculating-machine in the Royal Society's rooms, on Monday. All the Royal Family have been out a good deal during the week.

The Duchess of Gloucester gave a juvenile ball last night, at which the Queen and the young Princes and Princesses were present. Prince Albert visited Enfield in the afternoon, with the Duke of Cambridge, to inspect the Government small-arms manufactory. On the list of her Majesty's guests we find the names of the French Ambasisador, Earl Granville, Sir William and Lady liolesworth, Sir Howard Douglas, and Major-General Wetherell.