30 JUNE 1855, Page 7


Brighton, in the presence of its Members of Parliament, and with VS Mayor presiding, declared for Administrative Reform on Monday. The resolution, expressing substantially the views of the London Association, was moved and seconded by Mr. John Lawrence and Mr. Burrows. Bs addition to this, the meeting assented to complimentary votes of thanks to Mr. Layard, Mr. Roebuck, Admiral Pechell and Lord Alfred Hens'', the Borough Members, and the Times newspaper.

A public meeting was held at Sheffield on Monday, in sequel to public meeting held on the 20th, to take into oonsideration the Vienna protocols. The principal speaker was Mr. Ironaide ; who quoted the protocols and previous public documents, to show that not only had Lord John Russell and the British Government sacrificed the rights of Turkey and the local independence of the Danubian Principalities to Austria and Russia, but that Servia had previously been so sacri- ficed, and Poland; and that about the time of the insurrection of 1830, Lord Palmerston had thrown out hints that if Russia were to take both sides of the Sulina channel, the British Government would probably appoint a consular agent to reside at the place where the Russian authorities might be established. The meeting agreed to an ad- dress, declaring the sacrifice of the local independence and rights of the Principalities and Servia to Austria and Russia, according to the first point, was a shameful and criminal act on the part of the English Govern- ment, which must be repudiated by the Crown, the Parliament, and the' people; and her Majesty is accordingly prayed to take immediate Mea- sures to repudiate this great crime.

Mr. Mechi has raised a storm about his ears by offering himself as a candidate for the representation of Malden. Mr. T. B. Lennard and Mr. T. MeEnteer, who at the last election contested the borough =success fully on Liberal principles, are prepared to offer themselves again to the constituency. Mr. Lennard, in an address to the electors, complains that Mr. Mechi, who professes himself to be Liberal is "playing the game of the Tories." As if "principles" had any weight with the immaculate electors of Maldon !

An event in the history of Oldham is chronicled by the journals. The foundation-atone of the "Oldham Lyceum" was laid on Monday, in the presence -of the President of that institution Mr. James Platt,. Lord Stanley, Dr. Vaughan, of the Mayor, Mr. John Platt, Mr. William Fairbairn, and Mr. Henry Ashworth. The cost of the building will be 50001., of which sum, 20001. the fruit of the Oldham Industrial Exhi- bition of last year, and 11001. collected by Mr. James Platt, is already in hand.

At a Vestry held in the City Church at Oxford, on Tuesday, a rata of 3d. in the pound was carried by the casting-vote of the chairman, the Rector ; the numbers being—for the rate 8, against it 8. At a Vestry ia St. Mary the Virgin's parish, a rate of 44. in the pound was rejricit and one of 2d. in the pound carried in its stead the same Vestry ,gr

that the parish organist, Dr. Elvey, should be no longer paid out of the church-rate.

The inhabitants of Margate have refused a church-rate, by a majority of 357 to 199 persons, and 380 to 300 votes. It is assumed that this decision settles the church-rate question in Margate.

A reformatory for boys has been established in the New Forest by Mr. Compton, Member for South Hampshire, Mr. Castleman, one of the directors of the South-Western Railway, and others.

Grant, a private of the Fourth Dragoons, has been killed at Southampton, while performing too daring feats iu the rigging of the Golden Fleece. When he went on board the ship to proceed to the East, he had been drink- ing; booted and spurred, he ascended the rigging, and astonished the spec- tators by his agile movements ; at last he made a false move, and hung suspended by his hands only—then fell, 150 feet : he was picked up in a frightfully crushed state, and died soon after.