31 OCTOBER 1840, Page 1

The new Spanish Regents have commenced their reign with vigour.

One of their first measures has been the prolongation of their power hy postponing the meeting of the Cortes till the 19th of March. The cause assigned for this extension of the time is the necessity of making alterations in the constitution of those departments by whose agency the elections of the members

for the new Clones would be conducted. beginn'ne of the year is the usual period for the Cortes to assemble ; and

with their meeting the power of the pre, et RO.::iley was to

cease. By this decree, postponing 1110 the 11, gents have secured the administration of affairs fc'r :It leer- As the power of convoking the body v.:1i, 7:


initiate their own, rests with the B. ,

may thus emtinue to hold the reins of c'::: • • time, it' the Spaniards are patient nin'e act of the Regency has been directed •

pendent minor g,OVenlilleiltS which durin::: formed in the Spanish Provinces. Ail eeption of those in the capitals of the dissolved ; tho Juntas of the capit;::: ordered to act only as at::;liat.i,.s Central (low] :nut 'at. EN en to them until a ft:rtiter from these nleesure, Clot ;he to a divided rule. Well they feel t;',ee take so bold a stsp, the Junta of )IaSs.: also.

CHRISTINA. 11.1\ flg- put effs depart t'roem Val.:eels with ro■ II issnoree:. French p‘nn m hese sh., laeded, and jenree,:, . arsei Iles.