31 OCTOBER 1840, Page 14



A Practical Detail or the Cotton-Mantiracture of the United States or America, and the State or the Cotton Mane:tome c attrusted and compared with that of Great Britain; with comparative Estimates 0:1 the C,,st of Mandacturing in both mantels,. illustrated by appropriate Engravings. Also a brief Historical Sketch or the Ri*e and Progress of rho Cotton :Manufacture in America, and Statistical Notes or various Mnaufacturing Di,triets in the United States. By James Montgomery, Author of "The Theory and Practiee of Ccetou-Spinning,"

Re. Sze illaitahcr ; Nivea junior, Glasgow.

TRAV Fr,g,

A Winter in the West Indies, described in Familiar Letters to Henry Clay of Ken-

tucky. By Joseph John Gurney Aherray; Fletcher, Norwich. Gossip,

Portraits or Public Characters. By the Author of " Random Recollections of the Lords and Commons," &e. Re. In 2 vols &tinders and Otley.