31 OCTOBER 1840, Page 3

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The Court-martial on John Henty, the master of the Cainperdown, who is suspected of having set fire to that ship in order to obtain credit by extinguishing the fire, commenced on Tuesday, at Sheerness. The charges preferred against the prisoner were—the placing, or allow- ing to be placed, certain combustibles on a locker in the midshipmen's berth, and in a rack in the carpenter's room ; the having been guilty of a breach of orders in not taking care of the safety of the vessel ; and the having made a false report to his superior officer as to the extent of the fire. The examination of witnesses was at great length, and the inquiry has been adjourned from day to day. No new facts of interest have been elicited. The principal evidence against the prisoner is the inconsistency of his own statements with one another and with the circumstances of the fire. It was shown, that if a fire had been blazing in the cockpit to the extent he described, the damage must have been much greater. The Court-martial is still sitting.

The Honourable E. S. Plunkett, who was tried at the last Liverpool Assizes but one, for a riot and rescue at Wigan, and sentenced to fif- teen months' imprisonment in Lancaster Castle, was released from custody on Monday morning last, the remainder of his sentence having been remitted by the Marquis of Norntanby. The unlucky young officer has not yet, however, fairly and permanently escaped from the trammels of the law. It appears that during his incarceration in prison, Mr. Plunkett, in consequence of some disagreement, attacked one of the turnkeys, holding also the situation of a monitor, and gave him a severe beating. For this assault the Visiting Justices preferred a bill against him at the Lancaster Sessions, on Tuesday ; and the Grand Jury having returned the bill into Court, a bench-warrant was issued against him, and he was taken into custody early on Wednesday morn- ing, in this town.—Preston C1/4roniele.

A man and his wife, named Robert and Ann Sandys, were last week taken into custody at Stockport, charged with having murdered two of their children, for the sake of obtaining the burial-fees from a sick and burial club. The inquest on the bodies has been adjourned from time to time; and from circumstances which have since transpired, George Sandys, the brother of Robert, and his wife, who lived in an adjoining cellar, have also been apprehended, on a similar charge. Their child died on the 26th instant, as is supposed from the effects of arsenic, which was the cause of the deaths of the other two children. The amount of the burial-fees received for each child was 3/. 8s. 6d. The inquest was further adjourned, in order to have the contents of the stomach of the child who died last analyzed.

The Salopian Journal states thet the stockings found in a lumber- room at the Ludlow inn, which were supposed to have belonged to Misters, could not have been his. It seems that two pair of stockings were found, and that they were wrapped in a piece of newspaper dated three weeks after the attempt on Mr. Macreth's life.