31 OCTOBER 1840, Page 4


The Parliamentary registrations have commenced, but little is yet known of the results. The Ministerial papers claim to have gained upwards of sixty in Queen's County, and the same number in Dublin County. They admit a loss of sixteen at Belfast, one of the closely- contested boroughs.

The representation of two Irish counties has become vacant by the death of Sir William Brabazon, M.P. for Mayo, and Mr. N. A. Vigors, M. E, for Carlow. The former died suddenly, at his estate in Mayo, on Saturday. He had not long returned from his customary ride, when he was found by the servants lifeless, in a chair by the fire. He had been for some months in a delicate state of health. Mr. Vigors died in Lon- don, on Monday, at his residence in the Regent's Park.

The Akio Constitution mentions the names of Mr. Valentine O'Con- nor Blake, a Repealer and Deputy-Lieutenant, and the Honourable Constantine Dillon, brother of Lord Dillon, as probable candidates on the Liberal side, and of Mr. G. H. Moore, and Mr. G. Vaughan Jacks son, on that of the Conservatives, for the county of Mayo. Sir S. O'Malley, who was Chairman at a recent Repeal meeting, is also spoken of.

Colonel Bruen, it is said, will again come forward to contest Carlow.

Saunders' News Letter of Monday gives a positive contradiction to the reported death of Mr. Sergeant Jackson, which was announced by the Cork Standard,

The Dublin Gazette contains the official notification of the appoint- ment of Sir Robert A. Ferguson, ALP., as Lieutenant of time city and county of Lon lonclerry, in the room of the late Lord Garvagh.

The Bishopric of Meath, whieli became vacant by the death of Dr. Alexander at Dublin last week, is said to have been worth to its late possessor 0,0001. a year. Of this revenue, 3,000/. a year now reverts to the Ecclesiastical Board; leaving the see of Meath at 6,000/. a year, with a mansion-house, which cost the late Bishop 5,0001., and for which sum his personal representatives will have a claim upon his successor.

Dean Dawson, of St. Patrick's, brother to Mr. George Dawson, ex- pired on Saturday evening, at his residence, in Castlecomer, county of Kilkenny. He sank, after a few days' confinement, under the effects of a typhus fever, contracted in the discharge of his arduous ministrations. He succeeded the present Bishop of Derry, Dr. Ponsonby, in the Deanery of St. Patrick's. The election of a new Dean of St. Patrick's lies with the Chapter of the Cathedral. The Deanery is said to be worth 2,000/, per annum. The rich living of Castleconter, in the county of Kilkenny, is also vacant by the death of Dean Dan-son: the Govern- ment have the patronage of that living.

'File Irish Representative Bishops for the session of 1641 are the Archbishop of Armagh, the Bishop of Killaloe and Clonfert, the Bishop of Kilmore, and the Bishop of Clogher.—Gkbe.