31 OCTOBER 1840, Page 5

An inquest was held on Tuesday, on board the barque

Troubadour, at Cork, on the body of John Ward, one of the seamen. The vessel was a new one, recently launched at St. John, Newfoundland; and her crew had been engaged at that place "for the run." They had scarcely begun their voyage before they became mutinous ; complaining of their provisions, using bad language to the master, Mr. Hubert, and threatening to throw him overboard. On Friday week, off Cape Clear, three of them seemed prepared to put their threats into execution, and came on to the quarter-deck in a mutinous and threatening manner. Mr. Hubert was alarmed : he armed himself, and told them that he should use his arms if they did not return to their duty. The deceased again threatened the master, and was shot. The Jury returned a verdict of "Justifiable Homicide."