31 OCTOBER 1840, Page 5

The Post-office have ine ...I the falloevian, notice—" The overland

mails for India, rid Faileieth v iii ;1.--; telmed front this country on the 31s7 t : manner." It is not at n!I 1, 1 11... e in the usual • 32.11 E sypt will be imps, lcd by the Gov.r711:11, . in Lie er- The New York pa..!!:Qt-ship • poi on Saturday, was eteldeni; :ire 1 I.;:. -1•.el, by one

ael of her Majesty's revenue-tam na. ,

a pirate vessel. The cutter fits d .'b the

packet-ship in the quarter, an I -,- 1!:- ee.1: 010'

The packet then lay to, azel es -..• 1 La a

made off. The eiremusinie : ener . titer nee ng at Liverpool, excited some .71s, the packet, was seen to -t range ;

vessel' was reported to cc:'' ilia; the

revenue-tlag and the pen lent w e t and tit s..e tired to make the vessels show :heir e:,loars, w hmiim the:. had ItS : been accus- tomed to du so far from land.

The following threeol,adte 1 shial are ordered to be e

immediately. The Caledonia. 1:27, Impregual.1... ,Stit at Ply-

mouth ; the former as port thig-ehip ct .imiral Sir ii.tiiam 3foore, and the latter for service hi the Mei:net:rine:an. to he e en:I:allied by Captain Thomas Forrest. 'File l'ampershmo. 104. 1: for commission at Sheerness for the same qaarter.--/hes•lao.s rte.