31 OCTOBER 1840, Page 9

Madrid papers to the 22t1 instant have been received. General

Es- partero, and Senors Cortina, Chacon, and Gamboa arrived in Madrid on the evening of that day. The Ambassadors of England and France, and the diplomatic agents of Portugal, Mexico, and Denmark, had pre- ceded them by a few hours. Queen Isabel, the Princess her sister, and Senors Ferrer, Frias, and Gomez Becerra, were to make their entry into the capital on the 27th.

The Madrid Gazette contains an address of the members of the Ma- drid Junta and of the Delegates of the Provincial Juntas, in which they represent that they expected on hearing of the voluntary abdication of Queen Christina, that all the conditions of the programme, accepted by the Ministry in so explicit and decisive a manner, should be entirely fulfilled. The memorialists were accordingly surprised to find that the measures resorted to by Ministers, in order to redeem their pledge, were confined to the dissolution of the Cones and the renewal of only .one-third of the members of the Senate. They conclude by urging the necessity of dissolving the two Legislative bcalies entirely.