31 OCTOBER 1840, Page 9



Stn—Its- attention has been called to a para.g.tapli 1 i. 1 into your journal of the 17th instant, which, announcing that the I losio.ird W 11.1.1km IlnowNE is to be a candidate for Kerry at the next election. gocs on to st:vte. that tlie treatment of Mr. 111.1:xxEntiAs.sETT by his Tory trietnI& hr ,11.411.`Ming pro- mised peimniary aid, and leaving hint to pay all the ex ,1-41 Of course prevent him from hazarding another contest... Of II cao•iral.L., Mr. Bitowse's intentioes I know as little as the the nhnoc paragraplk Call kl101V nil mine : it has leen alreadv announced en:it the stateli-tit is not authorized try LArd KENXI A inn; inn fact, it stand,: at preF.mt ray t halt the assertion of Mn'. MA I .lerald net think it nerc,..iary to notice the announcement in a...y way. if it lull not leen coupled with a statement uf my Ginn inn tree latent:0H,, i:nAolVin.Z,0 us,,,st tinwarianted imputation on my supporters in this cotti3y. I should be wanting in gr.stitnae tm Civ num.-rolls mt.1 tr;;.'.h feler:1:. if I

did liot at once declare, that from ti cir first iniiti.;i1 to c vIm for xard,,

to our final success ill a Ilretraaed ok a a " frivolous and vex- atious petition," I experienced no " t reat on fram Inc in that has not left most grateftil recolleetion9. Thi9 " promise i sappAr; 0 AS ill ever.F way fully awarded to me. 1 am not mimic' that they of any hilluret of my engagements to them as their repre,entatire ; intl until tile y evince , 1 Irive intention of declining to harard anAther contest it' ne- cessary. I slum] I not hav: noticed th.!cnitt ..... y. if it ha I lie;r1 confined to this obscure journal anti which it originated; bat when you give it the circulation ofyour respectable joinaial, I Illve to request the insertion ol my contradiction. I have tile honour to remain, Sir, your obedient servant. A. BLENNERLIASSCTT.