3 JANUARY 1936, Page 5

Germany's New Year Herr Hitler in his New Year message

has included a brief time-table of the progress of National Socialism - 1933, the capture of intenial power ; 1934, its consolida- tion; 1935, achievement of external freedom and economic reconstruction. And 1936? What is 1936 to bring forth ? It is to be another year of Nationalist Socialist determination and energy ; the strength of the Reich is growing, and finding visible expression in its armed forces ; through them a stable regime in Germany will be maintained and the Reich will remain the European bulwark against Bolshevism. Dr. Goebbels adds on his own account that in a disturbed and turbulent world Germany is like a tranquil and placid island of internal and external peace. Credat Judaeus Apella. (Credat pcistorque Jacobi.) There is nothing in the text of Herr Hitler's address to disturb the international atmosphere. If he holds the view that only a strong man armed can keep his goods in safety he differs little in that from his neighbours. The Fiihrer is evidently waiting to see what the final verdict on the collective system in action is. There is no man in the world whom it is more necessary to convince of its effectiveness.