3 MARCH 1961, Page 16


SIR,—.1 was much moved and impressed by Isabel Quigly's article 'In Hospital with my Son.'

Eleven years ago one of my twin daughters, then aged four, was rushed into hospital. I accompanied her in the ambulance and declined to leave her side at any juncture. Taking a chair, I seated myself by her bed where 1 was visited by a series of people in the hospital hierarchy all urging my instant depar- ture. I refused, saying if necessary they could fetch a policeman but I much doubted the strength of their legal position..

After four days. during which no word of objec- tion was raised to my constant presence, my daughter returned home cheerful and unscathed.

It might be worth other mothers trying similar direct methods in the education of those hospitals which still retain a backwoods outlook on this vital matter.- -Yours faithfull■ 12 Well Road, NIV3