3 OCTOBER 1914, Page 11

The Times of Wednesday published the first of a series

of articles by a subject of a neutral Power who has spent some time with the German Army in Belgium. The German infantry, as be says, is not used like the infantry of other armies. It is a mere support to the machine-guns and the artillery. Every regiment has ten to twelve machine-guns kept concealed in light regimental transport. The machine- gun used in this way is not a defensive but a distinctively offensive weapon. At Namur the Germans used the big 42-cm. guns, which had not been ready at Liege. The column of dust and debris that rose when the huge shell struck reached a height of three or four hundred feet. "The defenders were absolutely pounded out of their position." The infantry fire is inferior to the French, and vastly inferior to the British. The transport of the Landwehr and Landsturm is of a make- shift kind. The transport horses are all of poor quality.