3 OCTOBER 1914, Page 21


[To THE EDITOR or THZ "SPECTATOR.-] Sin,—Your article in the issue of September 26th called " Hut Hospitals—a Red Cross Suggestion " will, I hope, be taken up by the authorities. The local Voluntary Aid Detach- ments are keenly waiting for work. One of which I have the honour to be the Assistant-Commandant has an ex-Army nurse as its Sister, and two of the rank-and-file have nursed a relative through a dangerous operation and long illness to the satisfaction of the doctor. We have worked for three years and have all passed our examinations. The Colonel examining us last June said we were excellent and a week's work would fit us for anything. " I'd like the lot of you, I know," he added as he left us. We have permission to use a large hotel, and close by is the open forest with hundreds of men in temporary camps. If you can get the authorities to use us, we shall work off some of that longing to help which every woman is feeling. We are only one detachment out of many.

—I am, Sir, Arc., E. R. S. "Enylisham Common, Loamshire,"