3 OCTOBER 1914, Page 29

Our eminent preachers are playing a worthy part in strengthening

the country's determination to see its noble cause triumphant. Kaiser or Christ I (James Clarke and Co., ls.) is a collection of six admirable sermons preached in this behalf by the Bishop of London, Dr. Clifford, Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, Dr. Griffith-Jones, Dr. 0. H. Watkins, and the Rev. Theodore Wood.—A Call to Arms (Wells Gardner, Darton, and Co., ld.) is the manly and inspiriting address delivered by. the Bishop of London to five thousand Territorials on August 31st, the beet criticism of which is that it led to six additional battalions volunteering for active service.—The War and Conscience (A. R. Mowbray and Co., ld.) is a reprint of the Bishop of Winchester's eloquent article in the Con- temporary.—The War and Our Social Problems (same pub- lishers, 3d.) is a thoughtful statement of the probable effect of the war on the organization of society by " Lancastrian " of the Church Times.—In Holy Ground (Macmillan and Co., is.) the Dean of Wells reprints three sermons which be preached in the dark days of 1900, and which are well worthy to be read in

this renewed season of national effort—A War Manual of Prayer (Longmans and Co., 6d.) is a little pocket collection of prayers which Lord Methuen commends to his comrades " who are fighting so nobly for our Empire and freedom."—Lord God of Battles (Cope and Fenwick, ls. net) is an anthology of poems for war time, compiled by A. E. Manning Foster.