4 AUGUST 1939, Page 21

SPANISH CONSERVATIVES SIR,—The mercurial General Queipo de Llano will doubtless

be amused to find himself counted in your columns (should these reach him) among the " Conservatives of the traditional type," a Saul among the prophets, indeed! Those of your readers who remember the General as the Socialist darling of the Madrid populace, who did more than anyone to quell peacefully the outbreak of church-burning in May, 1931, will be both amused and surprised.

With regard to the concluding sentence in your paragraph, I do not understand how the attitude of the " Conservatives, Monarchists and Traditionalists " can be fairly judged from a single speech made by a single man. General Aranda may be a Traditionalist—I confess I did not know it—and the Monarchist and Traditionalist parties may be drawing rather closer together ; but it is quite improbable that they are now close enough to have a common " attitude " for General Aranda to represent. They do not seem to have even an agreed common candidate for the throne. Your portmanteau phrase implies, too—and this surely is pure assumption?— that all the former derechiztas (1 take it that your word " Con- servatives" refers to them) belong now, either to cne or other of these parties, or to falange tout sec. (1 refer, of course, to spiritual membership, falange being, as you know, an exceed- ingly composite body). Notes on the political views of prominent foreign personali- ties are also more effective when the names are correctly spelt. I venture to suggest " Solchaga " and " Moscardo."—I am, Sir,