4 AUGUST 1961, Page 14

BRITISH RAILWAYS SIR,—In your issue of July 7 Mr. Cyril

Ray upbraids the Pullman Car Company because he alleges there were `no towels in the lavatory' of the coach in which he travelled. I would be glad to know by which service Mr. Ray travelled because, in fact, there are no Pullman cars in any of these trains except in the all-Pullman Golden Arrow.

In your issue of July 21, a letter appears from Mr. Correlli Barnett, who says in reference to the Yorkshire Pullman, that there 'is no air-conditioning,' but there is pressure ventilating and double-glazed windows. Some passengers dislike full air-condition- ing and the air-conditioned diesel electric Pullman trains are experimental.

With regard to hot water in the wash-rooms, all our new cars are fitted with alternative steam and electric heating and every lavatory is fitted with an electric immersion heater. I am sorry if Mr. Barnett found some temporary failure or delay in the heating of the water.

Mr. Barnett also says there 'is less leg room and window space' than in the old cars. The facts are as follows : Old Cars New Cars 1st 2nd 1st 2nd Seat Centres 7ft. Ifin. 6ft. 6lin. 7ft. Sin. 6ft. 7lin.

[Cyril Ray writes : 'I was referring to the all- Pullman Golden Arrow and said so, in so many words. Clearly, the conductor whom I asked to re- port this to his employers did not do so.'—Editor, Spectator.]