4 AUGUST 1961, Page 29

Readers of thiS , column, particularly, will be delighted to know

that from now on Roy Brooks's lively property advertise- ments are going to•appear in the Spectator. What brought about this pleasing state• of affairs, we gather, was the rejection by both the Sunday Times and the Observer last Week of the following, intended as an open- ing paragraph, to the.customary column : NOTICING PIE DISCREPANCY between; the texts of our advertisements in the Sunday Times and the Observer; the former censoring my refer- ence to the current military exploits of our oldest ally (9.7.61) and; the latter, not wishing to be beastly to the German's, changing my word "Germans" into. "Warlords" where I re- ferred to the bombing of S. Ken: (11.6.61), people are always asking what I actually send in. Uncensored versions of my mutilated ac„ with others, will hereafter appear in Mc Spectator.—Roy Brooks.

And let us begin by printing here the one that got away from the Sunday Times last week : emu. FLAT Off NORTHSIDE, Cl API1AM COM. I hate the euphemism "Garden" for Basement, but this flat, light; and level at the back, really has sole use of- splendid, gdn with Anderkm Shelter of the type that saved, my wife's life In the last war but; alas, won't save our child- ren's if we hand nuclear warheads to the Huns.. Spacious drawing rm, gd dblc bcdrin, mod b & k. ONLY £234 p.a. New agrmnt. Decent owner only wants abt £100 for curtains, car- Pets &c.