4 AUGUST 1961, Page 7

DRAMATIS PERSONA Judge : Mr. Justice Winn.

The Plaintiffs : John Byrne, declared the validly elected General Secretary;

Frank Chapple, a candidate for the post of Assistant General Secretary, who alleges, in another lawsuit waiting to he heard, that false ballot forms were introduced.

The Defendants : *Frank Foulkes, General President.

*Frank Haxell, the General Secretary declared to have been elected by 'rigging' *Robert MacLennan, Assistant General Secre- tary since Oct.. 1955.

James Cosby. EC (Jan.. 1948).

Ivor Davies, EC (Jan., 1960).

James Feathers, EC (Jan., 1955).

*John Frazer. EC (Dec., 1954).

Samuel Goldberg. EC (Aug., 1955).

John Hendy, EC (Jan., 1957).

Ronald Sell, EC (Jan., 1960).

H. West, EC (Jan.. 1958).

A. C. Batchelor. National Officer since July, 1956.

George Scott, National Officer since Novem- ber, 1955.

*J. Humphrey, EC (until Dec., 1959, then appointed 'Office Manager'; dismissed by John Byrne since the judgment).

J. W. Rengert and Charles Shipman, National Scrutineers, and THE ELECTRICAL TRADES UNION.

Counsel for the Plaintiffs : Gerald Gardiner. QC, and Jonathan Sofer (in3tructed by Lawford and Co., solicitors).

Counsel for the Defendants : Neil Lawson, QC, Ralph Milner and Ber- nard Marder (instructed by Seiffert Sedley and Co., solicitors, agents for Maurice A. Tartu of Hayes Court, the ETU's solicitor).

EC=Executive Councillor (with date of ap- pointment).

*Found to have conspired together