4 MARCH 1905, Page 18



SIE,—May I be allowed to point out an error in the very interesting article, "The Praise of Creases," in your issue of February 25th? The writer closes with the following state- ment :—" The poisonous water-plant often mistaken for cress is called brooklime.' " As a matter of fact, the plant called " brooklime " belongs to the order Scrophulariaceae and genus Veronica, or speedwell, and has no affinity with water-cress, which belongs to the order Cruciferae, and genus Nasturtium., or cress. The authors of all botanical works that I am acquainted with mention " brooklime " (Veronica Beccabunga) not only as non-poisonous, but as being sometimes used as salad, though it has a more pungent and less agreeable flavour than water-cress, in whose company it is often found.—I am,

Sir, &e., CHARLOTTE BOWLES. The Nether House, Wirksworth.