4 MARCH 1905, Page 18



Sin,—A propos of the "much-travelled Spectator" (see issue of February 4th), it may interest you to know of one which arrives at the house of Mr. A upon Saturday evening ; is read and pencil-lined by him and his family by Monday morning, when it passes to the house of Mr. B (Mr. A's minister), who writes comments against the pencil-linings. Then on Tuesday it passes to the house of Mr. C; on Wednesday to that of Mr. D, one of whose family regularly assimilates it upon his Wednesday train journey and at lunch-time. After enlighten- ing the minds of family E upon Thursday, it goes off on Friday to Central Africa, where a similar round awaits it. Mr. A is Scotch, but doubtless he considers that that weekly sixpence, at all events, is being well spent !—I am, Sir, &c., [We have been asked to give another instance—but we fear, for reasons of space, that it must be the last—of a

"much-travelled Spectator." Some of our correspondents seem to think that it is not quite fair for one copy to have so many readers. We can assure them that the Spectator is meant to be read ; that the more readers we have for each copy the better we are pleased.—En. Spectator.]