4 MARCH 1905, Page 18


[A. J. B. loguitur.]

WINTER has come and gone, once more we meet

On classic ground ;

Once more the parks are green, with bird-notes sweet

Their glades resound : The Speaker and the Serjeant and the Clerks Don stately dress; New Liberals take the oaths—with Harry Marks My one success.

Spring breezes warm the air, but gentle spring To summer yields, To die in turn when autumn fills the ring In her dim fields.

New winters melt before celestial fire—

We, when we fall, Pass, like George Hamilton and Devonshire, Beyond recall.

Who knows if cruel Fate a fortnight spares For us to live ?

All places will escape our greedy heirs Which now we give.

When once we have dissolved, and Demos dense Decides our lot, Nor birth, nor piety, nor eloquence

Will serve one jot—

For Eldon's self when forced to go or mend Preferred to go, And Jcsse's term of office bad an end In spite of Joe. [Sighs deeply. Curtain.

• Horace IV. 7.