4 MARCH 1905, Page 2

The conflict between Norway and Sweden is becoming more acute.

Its ultimate origin is, of course, the stronger tone of democracy in Norway; but the causa causans is the desire of the smaller State for a greater voice in foreign affairs, and especially for the right of appointing her own Consuls, the commercial classes declaring that at present their interests are habitually neglected by the Swedes. The Norwegian Minstry, headed by Dr. Hagerup, seeing that this concession is steadily refused, has resigned, and alleges that the only alternative is a revision of the terms of union. The Regent who is now in power is said to fear that Norway is on the road to a Republic; but at present he asks only for time to consider, and it is possible that a compromise granting the Consulates, but leaving them subordinate to the Swedish Foreign Office, may yet be adopted. The Norwegians, how- ever, with all their virtues, are as a people difficult to govern, as indeed statesmen say all peoples are now becoming. Education would seem to have just reached the point at which it develops alike sensitiveness and obstinacy.