4 MAY 1850, Page 17


Mr. Cumming has been a traveller both in India and 'South Africa, es- pecially the latter ; he spent some time in the interior, collecting know- ledge and shooting beasts ; and the achievements of his hand are attested in a numerous eollectioa of skins and home, exhibited in the Chinese Gallery at Hyde Park Corner. Some plates from a book Which the col- lector is about to publish serve to show the living aspect of the principal brutes. Turious native weapons are lying about the room ; also a South African boy is there, and several Ilighlanders who were with Mr. Cum- ming. It forms one of the most interesting exhibitions in London. The antelope horns alone are a wonder, for the beauty and variety of their forms ; but the immense elephant-skulls, the tusks that make a portal to the dais at the end of the room, the ponderous buffalo-horns, the skins, and the tasteful arrangement of the whole, were a source of manifest and not silent delight to the crowded visitors of the first day.