4 MAY 1850, Page 17


Tuesday, April 30.

PARTNERSHIPS Diaservan.—Bennett and Co. Kingswinford, saddlers—Wardrop and Co. Brabant Court, Phllpot Lane, wine-merchants—Dobson and Allison, Liver- poul, enginecra—Dugdale and Brothers, Manchester, manufacturers—Wenman and Son, hladdox. Street, Regent Street, tailors—Belland Kett, Duke Street, Manchester Square—Harper and Todd, Manchester, tailors—Horton and Gunnell, Chatham Road, Canonbury, builders—Henderson and Co. Maranham, South America, '-out- mission-merchants—Bury and-Co. Church, Lancashire. iron-founders--Kirkintin and Spetch, Manchester, engravers to calico-printers—Wheatley and Jackson, Green- wich, corn-merchants—Simpson and Day, London—Hunt and Sou. Liverpool, iron. mongers—Bowen and Bromwich, Bridgnorth, mercers—Thornewell and bons. Dud- ley, agriculunal-implement-manufarturers; as far as regards G. Thornewell- Molten and Whaley, Chorley, joiners—Wood and Knowles, Leeds, brewers—Good- air and Hunt Webber Row Southwark, victuallers—The Banking Company, Aber. deco ; as far as regards G. H., W. D., and H. Lynch-.J. Miller and bons, Leith, and , W. Miller and Co. St. Patersburgh, merchants; as far as regards A. Miller—Royal ; 1 Mail Steam-packet Company, ?doorgate Street; far as regards I). C. Cameron. aaatuerrs.—Wittuat Geonoe Cemr, Co on Street Poplar, carman, to Sur- render May 7, June 13: solicitors, IPLeod and Stewing:London Street; official as- signee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Ja]Las Bawl:wow, Derby Street, Gray's Inn Road, victualler, May 7, June 8 : solicitors, Dimmock and Burbey, Suffolk Lane, Cannon Street ; official assignee, Graham-THomAs COLLINGWOOD, Nuneham, Court- . nay. Oxfordshire, innkeeper, May 11, June 22 : solicitors, Ford and Lloyd, Blooms- bury Square; official assignee, Pennell. Guildhall Chambers-AwraomY EDWARD Coavasr, Hampstead Road, baker, May 11, June 22 : solicitor, Hubbard, Pucklersbury; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-James GUEST, Birmingham, com- mission-agent, May 13, June 17 : solicitors, Rawlins and Rowley, Birmingham ; offi- cial assignee, Christie, Birmingham-Jorrx Bianca, Bristol, builder, May 14, June H : solicitor, Harley, Bristol; official assignee, Miller, Bristol-James VILLAR, Cheltenham, monster, May 13, June 10 : solicitors, Winterbotham and Bell, Chelten- ham ; official assignee, Hutton, Bristol-CHARLES PRallsON, Sheffield, victualler, May II, June 22: solicitor, Chambers, Sheffield ; official assignee, Freeman, Sheffield --Colman GREENHOW jun. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, timber-merchant, May 7, July 10 : solicitors, Hoyle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Crosley and Compton, Old Jewry ; official assignee, Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. DIVIDENDS.—May 23, Price, Birmingham, cabinet-maker-May 29, Godwin, Lin- coln, ship-builder--May 29, Suddaby, Hull, millwright-June 5, Hammond, Hull, druggist-May 22, Saner, Hull, tailor-June 5, Howitt, Lincoln, miller. CERTIFICATES.-To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of sneeting.-May 22, Williams, Epsom, draper-May 22, Tidmarsh, Regent Street, dra- per-May 22. Palmer, bouginere, Norfolk, cattle-dealer-May 21, Lichfield, Ipswich, upholsterer-May 21, Rowan, Cambridge, draper. DECLARATION or DIVIDEND.-Snowdou, South Shields, grocer ; first div. of la. May 4, or any subsequent Saturday; Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. SCOTCH SenuesireArroms.-Parker and Co. Greenock, millers, May 4, 25-Webster, Edinburgh, writer to the signet. May 6, 27-Parker, Glasgow, warehouseman, May 6, June 3-Dodds, Bullion, Dundee, auctioneer, May 3, 24.

Frklay, May 3. PARTNERSHIPS Dissotven.-Dell and Co. Bankside, coal-merchants ; as far as regards J. S. Dell-Traquair and Smith, Bankside, coal-merchants-Alsop and Co. Leek, Staffordshire, silk-manufacturers ; as far as regards J. Larrre-. Winn and Denby, Normanby-by-Spittal, brewers-Becker and Brown, Altham-E. E. and M. A. Whitehead, Rochdale, confectioners ; as far as regards Esther Whitehead-Maclean and Co. Liverpool, tea-dealers-Story and Co. Dublin, millwrights ; as far as regards R. and N. Story-Brabin and Pearson, Bolton-le-Moors, cloth-manufacturers-Smith and Taylor. Liverpool, bakere-Sewell and Clarke, Hatton Wall, bakers-Boys and Eastwood, Almondbury, Yorkshire, cloth-finishers-Besnicks, Brothers, Scar- borough, timber-merchants-J. W. and I. Barker. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, linendra- pers-J. F. and S. Burrell, Fareham, merchants-Gray and Lawrence, Birmingham, goldsmiths-J. and G. Brown, Newman Street, carvers-Joseph and Levy. Bristol, silversmiths-Brook and Son, Halifax, iron-founders-Bower and Reynolds, Bir- mingham, attorniee-Reed and Son, South Shields, butchers-J. T. R. and G. H. Forge, Barking, sail-makers-Hollebone and Chandler, St. Mary Magdalen, Hastings, tailors-Rigby and Yarrow, Adam Street, engineers-Rigby and Son, St. Helen's, Lancashire, wheelwrights-Coates and Co. Wood Street, Cheapside-A. and J. Bury, Church, Lancashire, drysalters-J. and.!. Joel, Mount Street, Lambeth, linendrapers- J. and W. Thyer, Hulme, Lancashire, plumbers-Bowerbank and Sons, Sun Street, distillers-Nicholas and Morison, Liverpool, ship-chandlers-Fuller and Co. Cle- ment's Lane, merchants-Ward and Co. Newcastle-under-Lyme, attornies ; as far as regards W. Leman-Gray and Co. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, timber-merchants-Gilbert and Barnett, Trinity Street, cab-proprietors-Saxty and Sons, Trowbridge, drapers. BANICRUPTIL-CHARLES Perreor..n, Arundel, ironmonger, to surrender May 21, June 18: solicitors, Lewis, Gray's Inn ; Holmes and Son, Arundel; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane-Feenemea TAPLEY, Sidmouth, linendraper, May 14, June 11: solicitors, Lawrence-and Co. Old Fish Street ; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane-RICHARD HEATH, Three Colt Street, Limehouse, brass-founder, May 11, June 18: solicitors, Freeman and Bothamley, Coleman Street ; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street-Geware GEARY Magna, Cinderbill, Lancashire, cotton-spinner, May 15, June 5: solicitors, Sale and Co. Manchester ; official assignee, Fraser, Man- chester-Gm:wiz Aroi arcs AttrNRO, Liverpool, merchant, May 16, June 20: solici- tor, Holden, Liverpool ; official assignee, Turner, Liverpool-Joel, WILSON, West Bromwich, iron-manufacturer, May 22, June 12: solicitor, Hodson, Birmingham ; offi cial assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham-0E0mile PAGE, Wolverhampton, coal-dealer, May 17, June 12: solicitor, Bolton, Wolverhampton; official assignee, Valpy, Bir- mingham-Joseem CHulom, Bath, apothecary, May 14, June 11: solicitor, Hellings, Bath ; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol-Rwasan KFITIXY, Cheltenham, builder, May 15, June 12 : solicitor, Packwood, Cheltenham ; official assignee, Miller, Bristol- GEORGE WILSON, Wakefield, draper, May 23, June 21: solicitors, Shackles and Son, Mull; official assignee, Carrick, Hull-NOAH Geonoz BOND, Huddersfield, book- seller, May 21, June 10: solicitors, Clough, Huddersfield ; Courtenay, Leeds; offi- cial assignee, Hope, Leeds-EnwAun WRAY, Hull, draper, May 15, June 5: solici- tors, Grundy, Manchester; Richardsons, Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds- JOHN HOLLINOWORTH, Hull, shipowner, May 15, June 5: solicitors, Burrell, White Hart Court, Lombard Street ; Wells and Smith, Hull; official assignee, Carrick, Hull-Jaxes PENNoCK, York, farrier, May 23, June 21: solicitors, Dale, York;

• Bulmer, Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds.

Divinwins.-May 24, Sharp and Finder, Romsey, Southampton, timber-merchants -May 27, Milstead, Bromley, Kent, builder-May 27, J. and E. neay, Mark Lane, wine-merchants-May 27, Oliver, Queen's Road, Bayswater, plumber-May 27, Or- chard, West Smithfield, rick-manufacturer-May 24, Livermore, Oxford Street, iron- monger-May 25, Cowing, SivalTham, Norfolk, bookseller-May 23, Roelants, Ar- gyll Street, milliner-May 27, Pullin, Pyrton, Gloucestershire, farmer-May 28, Grant, Cardiff, clock-maker-May 30, Morris, Brecon, druggist-May 30, Lano, Portland, baker-May 30, Ewens, Axminster, butter-merchant-May 31, Spence, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, tailor--May 30, Hymers, Gateshead, newspaper-proprietor -May 30, Jameson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, mercer-May 24, Thompson, Leeds, tea-dealer-May 25, Sanderson, Sheffield, iron-merchant--May 25, Parker, Sheffield, banker-May 27, J. and W. Mulholland, Liverpool, merchants-May 27, Blundell, Hooton, banker-May 27, Blundell, Liverpool, distiller-May 27, Greenshields and Strang, Liverpool, merchants-May 29, Jones, Manchester, timber-merchant-May 28, Edmonstone, Over Darwen, Lancashire, paper-manufacturer-May 29, Ellerbeck, Pilkington, cotton-spinner-May 29, Cox and Whiles, Hanley, drapers. • Cenrisacxres.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting-May 24, Lee, Rotherhithe, barge-builder-May 24, Barr, New Turnstile, builder-May 28, Musgrave, Ferdinand Street, Hampstead Road, embroiderer-May 25, Stead, Melcombe Regis, grocer-May 28, Payne, Milton Street, Dorset Square, livery-stable-keeper-May 28, Mundy, Longcot, Faringdon tailor-May 27, Down- ham, Harrogate, wine-merchant-May 30, Alton, North dhields, brewer-May 29, Richards, Vaynor, Breconshire, victualler-May 30, Lediard, Cirencester, money- scrivener-May 28, Bedford, Bath, musicseller-May 24. J. and It. Smith, Kirkbur- ton, fancy-cloth-manufacturers-May 29, Stevens, Amblecote, Staffordshire, glass- manufacturer-May 29, Peake, Hannon, linendraper-May 27, Jones, Delamere, Cheshire, livery-stable-keeper. DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS.-Walker, Stockport, cotton-waste-manufacturer; first and final div. of 5d. May 14, 28; Fraser, Manchester-Bridges, Oxford Street, cabinet-maker; first div. of 38. 6d. May 8, and three subsequent Wednesdays ; Gra- ham, Coleman Street-Mallett, College Street, Belvedere Road, lighterman ; first div. of 148. May 8, and three subsequent Wednesdays ; Graham, Coleman Street-War- wick, Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, printer; second div. of Is. 14. April 8, and three subsequent Wednesdays ; Graham, Coleman Street-Addington, London Road, oil- man ; first div. of Sr. 94. May 8, and three subsequent Wednesdays ; Graham, Cole- man Street-Cocker, Manchester, cotton-manufacturer ; first div. of la 71d. every Tuesday ; Hobson, Manchester-Halliday and Paton, Manchester, chemists; sec.div. of Is. :Hay 7, and every subsequent Tuesday ; Hobson, Manchester-Ellison, Selby, dra- per; first div. of 58. any day on or after May 6; Young, Leeds-Bowler, Crescent, Southwark Bridge Road, hat-manufacturer; first div. of 48. 64. May 4, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Wise, Fleet Street, patent portable water-closet manufacturer; third and final div. of lid. May 4, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Gales, Ford, Durham, ship-builder ; fourth and final dividend of 4s. 94. (in addition to 7s. previously declared) on Saturday, May 4, or any subsequent Saturday; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Spencer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, scrivener; second div. of 4d. (in addition to 8d. pre- viously declared,) May 4, or any subsequent Saturday ; Baker, Newcastle-upon- Tyne-Philipson, North Shields, printer ; first and final div. of 38. Ad. May 4, or any subsequent Saturday ; Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Brown, Carlisle, draper ; third div. of 214. (in addition to 5a. 94. previously declared,) May 4, or any subse- quent Saturday; Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Biddle, Judd Street, tallow- Chandler; first div. of 11d. May 6, or two subsequent Mondays;aannan, Birchin Lane-Ward, Wiu-nford Court, merchant ; third div. of 4 d. May 6, or two subsequent Mondays •, Carman, Birchin Lane-G. and J. Barton, Manchester, copper-roller-manufacturers ; third div. of 18. 44. May 14, 28, or any subsequent Tuesday; Fraser, Manchester-Ainger, Green Street, Grosvenor Square, hotel- keeper ; first div. of 18. Ild. May 4, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Edwards, Sam- brook Court-Hughes, Boorswash, Derbyshire, surveyor ; first div. of 9id. May 4, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Edwards, Sambrook Court-King, Eltham sur- geon; third div. of id. May 4, and three subsequent Satu dass ; Edwards, Sanihrook

Court-Bridgland, Sydenham, carpenter ; first div, of lc 4id. May 4, and three sub- sequent Saturdays; Edwards, Sambrook Court.

SCOTCH SHaresramoxs.-Arthur,Ferryport-on-Craig, baker, May 7, 30-Pulman, Woodhall Mill, Currie, Edinburglishire, .paper-manufacturer, May 9, 29-Bain and Co. Glasgow, wrights, May O, 27-Raining, Edinburgh, dealer in railway shares, May 9, 30-Bain or Ellison. Tain, hotelkeeper, May 9, 29-Smith, Forfar, farmer, May 10, June 7-Stewart, Edinburgh, coach-hirer, May 10, 30-Dickson, Forfar, horsedeakr, May 6, 27.