4 MAY 1850, Page 1

The electors of the Paris department have chosen Eugene Sue

as their Deputy, precisely because his adhesion to Socialism is not , moderate—that it is, if recent and questionable in motive, empha- tic and unequivocal. Political prudes are much scandalised' as well as many who are not to be called prudes in any sense ; but thus far the Social Democratic party has proceeded with so much steady purpose and mastery, that its plan merits at least a respeat- ful patience to,stwait the issue. It I. eontenang ageisst comb& nation of partied, who are checked in the struggle less .than by unsettled puzpook want it filmotion, %rot have little syntpathy with the Ultra-Republicans of Paris ; but the self-seeking of the professional Parliamentarians opposed to them, the trickery of the official adventurers, and the bigotry of the zealous reactionaries, serve as a foil to the Democrats. Both sides are behaving as if in preparation for a coup d'état: in the universal state of distrust and mutual deception, the issue is dark to all sides : the excessive labour of the officials to make good their own position, and draw out the Democrats in some demonstration, indieates the fears under which they lie.

From Madrid comes a scandal of the Palace. King Francisco, weary of his bondage, desires to run free ; but, lest he should not stop to countenance his wife's accouchement, he is kept a prisoner in the Palace, and is at last induced to yield to that compulsion. Tinder such auspices is to be born, the heir to the hereditary thrones of Castile and Arragon.

The Erfurt Parliament is postponed—lies by, to see the turn of events ; to revive with hope, or die with decency, according to cit.- eum,stances.