4 MAY 1850, Page 7



The French Funds unproved rather more than 1 per cent yesterday, the Five per Cents having risen to 88-30 and the Three per Cents to 55.5. Con- sols have consequently advanced, and are 95.1 6 both for Money and Account.- The only change in the Foreign Market is in Peruvian Stock, which is firmer in consequence of the appearance of a general dis positson to purchase it. The others are at yesterday a prices. There is no material variation in the Share Market, which is generally rather firmer. The following are the principal transactions of the morning—Great Western, 611 ; North-western, 101.; Midland, 311; Ditto 501.,11- ; Birmingham and Derby, 14k; Reading, Guildford, and Reigate, 141; 1 ork, Newcastle, and Berwick, 11/.

SATURDAY Two °Trout A considerable sale of Three-and-a-quarter per Cent Stock was effected' this morning by the same broker who sold largely yesterday. The English Funds have consequently declined, and close 1 per cent lower than in the morning; the last quotation of Consols being. 961 I both for Money and Ac- count. There is no material change in the prices of the Foreign Funds. The following are the principal transactions recorded—Brazilian, 881; Danish Scrip, 51 premium ; Mexican' 29; Peruvian Deferred, 30* 1 30; Russian Five per Cents, 1071 1; Ditto Four-and-a-half per Cents, 95k ; Spanish Ac- tive, 171 17; Ditto Three per Cents, 37*; Belgian Four-and-a-half per Cents, 861; Dutch Two-and-a-half per Cent; 551 1 ; Ditto Four per Cents, 85*. Mining Shares—Cobre Copper, 31; Santiago do Cuba, 14; United Mexican, 61. Joint Stock Banks—British North America, 411 2; London Joint Stock, 17*; Union of London, 121. Royal Mail Steam Packet Com- pany, a The Railway Share Market is firm, with but few transactions ; an advance of between II. and 21. has occurred in the shares of the Great Southern and - Western (Ireland) in consequence of the approaching realization of the long- contemplated project of establishing a steam communication between the West coast of Ireland and the United States. The following are the pal bargains occurring--Caledonian, 71 ; Chester and Holyhead, 7; Counties, 7; Ditto Preference, 111 } ; Edinburgh and Glasgow 261 ; Great Northern, .6 5/ ; Great Southern and Western,(Irelan 291 9 ; Great Western, 51* 1 ; Ditto New, 171., 61 1 ; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 35 41; Ditto Fifths, 101 1 dis. ; London and North-western, 1011 1 1 ; Ditto New Quarter-shares, 10 - Ditto Fifths, 11; Midland, 311 2; Ditto 501. Share; 11 1 1 1 ; Norfolk, isi ; North British, 71 *; North Staffordshire, 71; South- eastern and Dover, 1 1 ; York, Newcastle, and Berwick, 11* f ; York and North Midland, 15' Ditto Preference, 61; Boulogne and Annemi, 649 Cen- tral of France, (Orleans and Vierzon,) 12,1; Orleans and Bordeaux, . s per Cent Consols 95 71

Ditto for Account 95 Danish 3 per Cents

551 t

Dutch 21 per Cents 3 per Cent Reduced Ditto 4 per Cents 85 I

31 per Cents 961 97 Mexican 5 per Cents 1846 ... 281 9,1

Long Annuities

Bank Stock 8 1-1 3-16 Peruvian 6 per Cents 70 1

205 7 Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842, 33 4

Exchequer Bills 67 70 pm. Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824. 84 6 8626587 Spanish (Active) n8tpser

India Stock 106 8

Beln 44 per Cents 868 ex d Ditto 3 per Cents 1S12 Cents. 17 1 3

37 Brazilian 5 per Cents

Chin 6 per Cents 97 99 Venezuela 53 Danish 5 per Cents 95i thi STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Ammo:ion.

The English Funds were depressed on Monday,. Tuesday, and Wednesday, in consequence of the fall of the French Funds in Paris. The Stock Ex- change and Bank were oloaed on Wednesday ; but a few bargains in Consols for Account were transacted upon the Royal Exchange and in the neigh- bouring coffeehouse; when the price fell to 951. Yesterday, upon intelli- gence of a reaction in the Paris market, Console rallied again to 96. During the early part of today, the quotation was a% 96. But one rather heavy sale of Three-and-a-quarter per Cents, the price of Consols declined to 951, and closed at 951 *. During the last and preview week some very extensive sales of Savings- bank Stock occurred ; but as they were effected privately, they attracted little attention. These operations have been suspended, and since the intro- duction of the Government bill may be considered at an end.

The transactions of the Foreign Market, though in some eases of an ex- tensive character, have not produced any material fluctuation in prices. The demand for the Stock and Scrip of the Four-and-a-half per Cent Rus- sian Loan still continues. The Stock has been largely dealt III at prices ranging from 95 to 95,1- and the Scrip at from 2* to 21 premium. The busi- ness in Danish Scrip has been unimportant. The South American Stocks have fluctuated but little. A sort of semi-official manifesto has been put forth by Senor Bravo Murillo' the Minister of Finance at Madrid ; declaring that, with every disposition to do the utmost to satisfy the public creditor, the present proposition is the best that Spain can afford in the circumstances of the coun

It is further stated, that if carried into effect, the proposed conversion

add 800,0001. annually to the existing charge for the debt, which is the ut- most that in its present financial condition the country can bear. An indis- tinct hint is also given of the probability of some future amelioration of the proposed conditions, should the improvement of the country permit it. Spa- null Stock has consequently become rather firmer the Active having today been done at 17*. Mexican Bonds, -which had been heavy, have improved slightly this afternoon, closing at 28* 29. The transactions of the Share Market have been unimportant. The prices of the principal varieties are nearly the same as last week. The decision of the Lord Chancellor in favour of the payment of the dividend already, de- clared upon the South-eastern Shares has caused an improvement of about in their price; while a call of 51. upon Midland 501. Shares has depressed them in about the same degree. These Shares, upon which 30/. is paid, having today been done at 1* per Shure.