4 NOVEMBER 1905, Page 1

As we go to press no news has arrived which

makes it easier to forecast the ultimate issue. Indeed, for the moment it appears as if the powers of reaction had regained a temporary ascendency. In SL Petersburg the Universities and schools have been closed, and the iron hand of General Trepoff seems to be closing again on the capital. From the provincial cities comes news of hideous massacres by Cossacks and police, and an outbreak of Anti-Semitic fury. Warsaw is undergoing a reign of terror, all crowds being fired on in spite of the pro- clamation declaring the end of martial law, and the extremists are naturally converting the people to their side, while the Governor-General issues otiose manifestoes congratulating the country on the "great holiday of freedom." In Finland the revolution advances with swift steps, the police and troops having joined the popular party. So far that province has shown admirable reitraint, few cases of outrage being reported, and the strikers themselves organising for the maintenance of order.