4 NOVEMBER 1905, Page 12

Si,—In your interesting article on "Uncommon Pets " in the

issue of September 30th I find mention of the Canadian bear, coupled with a statement that one of these animals was sent as a gift to a stationmaster in England. I happen to know of two or three cases of Canadian black bear cubs having lately been taken to England by summer tourists. These people took great risks, as any Canadian who is a woodsman —amateur or professional—could have told them. The black bear is harmless only in a cage,—where, to my thinking, 'he should never be. Cruelty to bears is as reprehensible as cruelty to any other animal; and it is cruelty to coop behind bars any wild animal. There is no excuse for the man who keeps a black bear "on a chain" where people can come within his reach. He is always liable to gusts of rage that are apt to end in killing if he can touch any living thing. Last autumn the chief game warden at Aylmer, Quebec (Mr. Rochon), was nearly killed by one of these " good- tempered " black bears. He was horribly torn before help arrived, although he was not in the bear's arms for more than three or four minutes. At Peterborough, Ontario, a similarly " tame "_ black bear literally tore to pieces a boy of twelve, If any of your readers receive presents of black bears, let me • way to manage their gifts will be to shoot them just as soon as possible. A bearskin without a bear inside it makes a hanasome household decoration. A bear inside a bearskin is A continual menace to anybody who may come near him. .'Sensible Canadians know this, and kill the animals when- ever possible. They are simply 'vicious giant vermin and carrion-bunters. Our moose, caribou, and red deer will not graze on herbage or foliage that a bear has touched or has lately been near. The moose kills him nearly always if it 'comes to a fight.—I am, Sir, &c.,


P.S.—Our Provincial Governments have never thought of such an absurdity as a close season for bears. They may be killed at any time, whereas the deer family, beaver, and wildfowl are given long seasons of' immunity everywhere. In most parts beaver are always protected. Bears and wolves may at any time be killed.