5 APRIL 1957, Page 5

Dulles Intelligence

SIR ANTHONY EDEN made grievous errors of judge- ment. He was a sick man goaded beyond endurance by another sick man who even when well must be maddening to deal with—Mr. Dulles. But at least Sir Anthony saw the implications of Nasser's threat to the canal. Mr. Dulles and Mr. Eisenhower did not then, and it is far from clear that they do now.

—Robert Blake in the Evening Standard, April 1.

SOME of the correspondents, like myself, had never met Mr. Dulles before ... I for one was capti- vated.... Initially Mr. Dulles made the same mistake as Mr. Selwyn Lloyd and Sir Anthony Eden and thought that Colonel Nasscr was a reasonable man.... The scales fell from the eyes of Mr. Dulles sooner than they did from those of Sir Anthony Eden and Mr. Lloyd.

—Randolph Churchill in the Evening Standard, April 1.