5 AUGUST 1905, Page 17


ODES, in. 28.

faciam ? •

ROW shall we keep St Lubbock's Day ?

Quick with the magnum ! Let it be Clicquot's Reserve or Mumm's : 'twill lay Sharp siege to staid sobriety.

The sun is westering : will ha stay, Think you, his course while we delay ?

You ask the vintage ? Let it be The growth of thirsty 'Ninety-three.*

We toast the blue waves flecked with foam,

True guardians of our Island home!

We toast the sport that sweetens toil, Cricket, or golf, or glittering spoil Of salmon from the eddying tide, The tall glen monarch's antlered pride, Or humbler prey that stubble-field And stretch of heathered moorland yield : We toast—last health and best—the Fair, Who or to Goodwood's lawns repair, Or clap at Lord's applauding hands, Or shine on sunny Scarborough's sands, Or watch the soft Atlantic gales

On Solent fill a thousand sails. A. J. C.