5 AUGUST 1905, Page 17

Tun amount of subscriptions and fees received up to August

3rd for the Cheap Cottages Exhibition is £1,712 2s. 6d. One hundred cottages are now built or nearing completion. Though the result achieved up till now is encouraging, those responsible for the organisation of the Exhibition are anxious to see the subscription- list still further augmented. We trust, therefore, that readers of the Spectator will help the work by donations. The following sums have recently been received through the Spectator :— Mrs. Arthur Criekett... 1 01 Bev, C. J. Wickham RI 1 0 The Cheap Cottages Exhibition can be reached from London, via King's Cross, in about an hour. The station is Letchworth. We are asked by the "County Gentleman and Land and Water" to state that Mr. Wilbraham V. Cooper is the organising secretary of the .Exhibition, and that all inquiries should be addressed to the Secretary, Cheap Cottages Exhibition, 347 Birkbeck Bank Chambers, Holborn, W.C. We are also informed that Messrs. Thorne and Welsford (17 Gracechurch Street, B.C.) have most generously con- sented to act as honorary solicitors to the Exhibition.

"The Book of the Cheap Cottages Exhibition," (1s. paper or 2s. 6d. cloth), which constitutes a complete Catalogue of the Exhibition, and contains plans, elevations, and specifications of all the cottages exhibited, can be obtained from any Bookseller, or direct (post-free, 1s. 44. or 3s.) from the "County Gentleman and Land and Water," 4 and 5 Dean Street,- Holborn, W.C., who are the Publishers. All profits derived from the Catalogue go to the Exhibition Funds.