5 AUGUST 1905, Page 27

The Covenanters. By the Rev. John Beveridge, B.D. (T. and

T. Clark. 6d. and 8d.)—This book belongs to the series of "Bible Class Primers" edited by Principal Salmond, and is, we venture to think, a little out of place. Mr. Beveridge writes in the temper which we might expect if he had triumphed at Drum- clog, or escaped with his life at Bothwell Bridge. It cannot be good for Scots children to be taught history in this fashion. It would be difficult to find a kind word used of any non-Covenanter in this volume, save Leighton only. About as near an approach to such is the concession that Bishop Wishart bad "some gentler traits," though he was "a profane and drunken sot." Even if every word in the book were true—and merit and demerit were never quite so sharply divided as Mr. Beveridge would have us think—it is not good reading for a Bible class.