5 AUGUST 1905, Page 28

—4,--_ At the Sign of the Fox, by Barbara, Cr

8vo ...,... (Macmillan) 6/0

Bagley (W.V.), The-Educative Process, cr 8vo (Foulks) net 5/0

Boothby (G.), A Brighton Tragedy, cr 8vo (F. V. White) 5/0 Bulbul in Search of Religion, Cr 8vo (Daniel) net 3/6

Healey (J. L.), Text-Book of Sociology, or 8vo (Foulks) net 6/0

Fidler (F. C.), Civil Engineering, cr 8vo (Methuen) net 2/6 Fitchett (W. H.), The Unrealized Logic of Religion, cr 8vo ......(W.C.0.) 3/6 Griffith (G.). His Better Half : a Novel, er 8v0 (P. V White) 6/0 Gull (C. R.), The Harvest of Love : a Novel, cr Svo (Long) 6/0 Hope (Graham), The Lady of Lyte, Cr 8vo (Methuen) 6/0 Husband (T. F.), Punctuation, 12mo (ltoutledge) 2/6

Lucian of Samosata : Works, 4 vols. Cr 8vo (Oxford Univ. Press) net 14/0

Macgregor (J. M.), Contribution to the Pathology of the Endometrium, 8vo (Churchill) net 10/6 Marsh (Richard), The Marquis of Putney, cr ftvo (Methuen) 6/0 Merillat (L. A.), Veterinary Surgery, Vol. I., 8vo (Bailliers) net 12/6 Porter (A. W.), Intermediate Course of Mechanics, cr bra .... (J. Murray) 5/0 Reynolds (Mrs. Baillie), The Man who Won, 8vo (Hutchinson) 6/0 Robinson (C. W.), Wellington's Campaigns: Peninsula—Waterloo, 1808-15, Part IL, Cr Biro (Rees) net 3/6 Sheppard (W. J.), The Tenderfoot, Cr 8vo (J. Long) 6/0 Starve (M. C.), Thoughts Transcendental and Practical ... ...(Simpkin) net 3/6

Sutcliffe (H.), Red o' the Peed: a Novel, Cr 8vo (T. W. Laurie) 6/0

Tregarthen (E.), The Piskey-Purse, 12mo (Gardner & Herten) net 3/0