5 AUGUST 1905, Page 28

MAGAZINES AND SERIAL PUBLICATIONS.—We have received the following for August

:—The Century, the Pall Mall Maga, rise, St. Nicholas, the Review of Reviews, the Empire Review, Harper's Magazine, the Geographical Journal, the Windsor Maga- zine, the Open Court, Lippincott's Magazine, Cassie?: Magazine, the Sunday Magazine, the Sunday at Home, the United Service Magazine, the Month, the Boy's Own Paper, the Girl's Realm, the London Magazine, the arnnoisseur, the Smart Set, the Economic Review, Statistical Journal, Chamhers's Journal, the Woman at Home, the Chrn/ti// Magazine, the Quiver, the School World, the Journal of Education, the Expository Times, the Girl's Own Paper, Macmillan's Magazine, Temple Bey% Good Words, the Parents' Review, the Gentleman's Magazine, the Treasury, the Author, the 1Viald's Work, the Art Jiairnal, the Monthly Review, the Leisure Hour, the North American Review, Sale Prices, the Book Monthly, 1Vestminster Review, the English illustrated Magazine, Knowledge, the University Review, the Indian Magazine, the Estate Magazine, Occasianal Papers, the International Journal of Ethics, the Law Magazine and Review, the Library, Baconiana, American Journal of Mathematics, Mount Dim, Travel, the Forum, the Scottish Historical Review, the Jewish Quarterly Review, the American His- torical Review, the Law Quarterly Review, the Church Quarterly Review, Climate, the Imperial Review, Papyrus, the Herald of the Cross, the Jabberwoelz, the Art Workers' Quarterly, British Trees, Part IL, Cassette Magazine.