5 MAY 1855, Page 10


On the 21st April, at Springs. ood Park, prematurely, Lady Scott Douglas, of a slaughter, stillborn.

On the 24th, at Cheltenham, Lady Hope, of a daughter.

On the 27th, at Broughton, the Wile of Albany Foublanque, Esq., of Manchester, barrister-at-law, of a daughter.

On the 27th, in Rue de Montague, Paris, the Countess of Donoughmore, of a son.

On the 28th, in Eaton Square, the Lady Gilbert Kennedy, of a daughter.

On the 281b, in Eaton Place, the Countess of Enniskillen, of a daughter. On the 28th, the Hon. Mrs. Caulfield Pratt, of a son.

On the let May, in Eaton Place, the Hon. Mrs. Brand, of a son. On the 1st, at Mereworth Castle, Viscountess Falmouth, of a daughter. On the 1st, at Rufford Hall, the Lady Arabella Hesketh, of a daughter.


On the 11th April, at Egyhayasfeln, Hungary, Gustavus Frederick Brown, Esq., son of Colonel Gustavus Blown, C.B., late Ninety-fifth Regiment, to Countess Alexandrine, eldest daughter of Count Festitics. On the 21st, at Neu ington, Oxfordshire, the Rev. Henry Pennant Cooke, Rector of Nuneham. Courtney, Oxon, to Janette, youngest daughter of the late Worshipful and Rev. James Baker, Chancellor of the Diocese of Durham, and Rector of None-

ham Courtney. .

On the 25th, at the Abbey, Malmesbury, George Miller, Esq., of Westbury-on-

r=Gloucestershire, to Mary, youngest daughter of Thomas Luce, Esq., M.P., of bury. On the 26t.h, at Walcot Church, Bath, the Rev. Thomas Dealtry, ALA., only son of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Madras, to Harriett, daughter of the late John Wing, Esq., of Wished; Cambridgeshire. On the 28th, at St. Janeee's Church, Paddington; the Rev. William Quekett, M.A., Rector of Warrington, Lancashire, to Louisa, widow of Um lat. Robert Webster. Esq., and daughter of the late Rev. John Dodgem. MA. of Comely Bank, Perth. On the 28th. at St. James's, Piccadilly, Robert Pigot, Esq., nephew of the late Cie- nem' Sir George Pigot, Bart., of Patshull, to Anna Maria, third daughter of the late General Sir William Clinton and the Lady Louisa Clinton. On the let May. at St. Mary's, Warwick, Frederick Blake Pemberton. second Son of Major-General Gem R. Pemberton, Bengal Army, to Lucy, youngest daughter of Jno. Lane, Esq., of Wedguock Park, Warwick.


On the 19th January, Edmund, youngest son of the late Captain Leslie Eckley, 11.E.I.C.S. ; in his 23d year. His death was occasioned by the upsetting of a boat in the Gulf of Martaban, whilst in the discharge of histies. On the 5th April, Mrs. Chaplin, mother of the late 'le. Capt. Hodges, Norland Square, Notting Hill; in her 95th year.

On the 25th, at Treneere House, near Penzance, John Saxton Campbell, Esq., Seigneur of Si. Andre, near Quebec, Canada East. On the 26th, at Pinner. Middlesex, Mr. Thomas Wilshin ; in his 92d year. On the 26th, at Trefusis House, Exmouth, General Charles Hellas, formerly Governor of St. Helena; in his 88th year.

On the 26th, at his house, 15, Aldersgate Street, William Devonshire Sault, Esq., F.G.S., F.R.A.S., and F.A.S. of London, also Membre de la Societe Geologique de France; in his 72d year.

On the 27111. at St. Leonardo, Lady Rose, of Hyde Park Gardens.

On the 27th, at Rosebill, near Truro, Mary Jacks, relict of the late John Lam- brick, Esq., of Erriesey, near Helston, Cornwall ; in her 97th year. On the 29th, at Briarly House, Folkestone, Mr. John Wilson. for thirty-two years a member of the Incorporated Society of British Artists; in his Slat year. On the 30th, at Dorchester. Harriett, widow of the Rev. Chalks Barton, of Bowie. hams, Hants, Rector of St. Andrew's, Holborn; in her 91st year.

On the Seth, at Thorpe, near Norwich,Thomas Blakiston, Esq., Commander Royal Navy, fourth son of the late Sir Mathew Blakiston, But.

On the 30th, in Cambridge Street, Hyde Park, Sir Henry Rowley Bishop; in his 68th year, On the lot May, in Eaton Square, Catherine, relict of the late Major-General Sir Montagu Roger Burgoyne, Bart., of Sutton Park, Bedfordehire ; in her 82d year.

On the 1st, in Cadogan Place, Lady Flint, relict of the late Sir Charles William Flint ; in her 71st year.

On the 1st, at Paris, Armar Lowry Corry, Esq., Rear-Admiral of the White ; in his 625 year.