5 MAY 1855, Page 11

The Administrative Reform meeting at the London Tavern, this after-

noon, must have satisfied its projectors, at least as far as numbers and hearty concurrence in its avowed objects may be taken as indications. At an early hour the room was full, and the doors were shut ; and a few hundreds of the excluded, under the leadership of Mr. Oliveira ALP., Mr. Murrough M.P., and Mr. Dakin, took possession of the Guildhall, and there passed the resolutions put forward by the Committee. The parent meeting was attended by a crowd of business men. Mr. Samuel. Morley presided ; and among those who addressed the meeting were Mr. Ingram Travers, Mr. Gaasiot, Mr. Samuel Baker, Mr. Lindsay, and Mr. Francis Bennocb. The resolutions were passed seriatim, with great cheering. The drift of the speaking went strongly against the present management of the war by the wrong men in the wrong places, of which much was said ; emphatically disclaimed party animus; and equally disclaimed any intention of being satisfied with mall game. "They meant to do and they would do what they meant," was the sense of much of the speaking. There were, however, those present who thought the resolutions not "strong enough," and a Mr. Walker rose to move amendments ; but the meeting hooted him down.