5 MAY 1855, Page 11

The Russian prisoners at Lewes seem to be too well

treated. They have many indulgences, and earn a good sum of money. But they dislike pump- ing water. On Thursday they refused to pump, and knocked down one of the wardens. Yesterday they still refused, became violent, and drew their knives. The Governor, Lieutenant Mann, immediately telegraphed to Brighton for the assistance of the Sussex Infantry Militia ; three companies of which arrived about half-past eleven by train, and proceeded to the prison with fixed bayonets in double quick time. The ringleaders were speedily captured, and the large clasp-knives, Which all the men had for making toys, were taken from them.

It is reported from Falmouth, today, that the emigrant-ship John, from Plymouth, forrQuebec, ran on the Manacles Rock last night. "She beat off into deep water, arid went down 200 feet from the coast. Out of 220 per- sons on board, only about 70 were taken from her."