5 MAY 1855, Page 11



The principal event this week, that has had although a temporary the most influence on the Funds, has been the attempted assassination of the Emperor of the French. Upon receipt of the intelligence, on Monday, Con- sols declined nearly 1 per cent, and were done at 88i ; but they speedily rallied 1, and have been since done at 89. Yesterday the Bank of England reduced their rate of discouut to 4 per cent : but this measure had been, long anticipated, and it produced no effect on the Funds. The discount- houses afterwards gave notice of a reduction from 31 to 3 per cent in their rate of allowance for money at call. Today the Funds have been unsettled ; and during the morning, Consols touched 881, leaving off at 88/ for Money and Account. The absence of encouraging news from Sebastopol is frequently alluded to, and has prevented a More fa- vourable -reaction. It is, however, very probable that Consols will rise previously to the settlement of the 10th instant, from the facts that the dealers are very short of stock, and they make no charge for continuation to the subsequent account,—an unusually short one, fixed for the 30th instant, owing to the shutting of Consols on the let of June. During the general depression on Monday, Omnium was done at 1 discount ; it is now 1 premium. The Scrip receipts for the Loan were ready for delivery this morning at the office of the Chief Cashier of the Bank of England. A. fall of 1 per cent in the French Funds, that occurred early in the week, has been recovered ; and the rate of exchange at Paris con- tinues favourable.

The Corn-market has been again higher. The gold and specie arrivals have comprised .280,0001. from New York, 180,0001. from the West Indies, and 8000/. from Lisbon, &a The export of specie by the Indus was large, amounting to 376,3141.: the greater portion was in silver for India and China.

Tuesday being the period for the half-yearly balance at the Bank of England, the transfer-offices were closed, audit was a holiday at the Stock Exchange. Foreign Stocks have been dull; and Peruvian and Russian Four-and-a- half per Cents have fallen 1; Turkish descended to 721, but is now f higher.' The passing of the bill authorizing the sale of Clergy and Public lands in Spain, but making no provision for the Certificates, occasioned a full of 1 per cent in the latter ; they were done at 3, and are now 4 1. In Railways, owing to the doubtful aspect of affairs, there was little doing until yesterday ; when, the alteration in the Bank rate of discount being considered likely to promote speculation, an advance of 10s. to 15s. oc- curred in several instances; and with a few exceptions this has been main- tained. Many lines which had been previously depressed now stand at lust week's rates. Bristol and Eveter has fallen I/. The majority of the pro- prietors in this company have consented to the several bills before Pasha- ment for enlarging powers, promoting improvements, and increase of capital. Foreign Shares are higher, and the French descriptions have improved from 10s. to 1L


The EnglisliTimela are about 1 per cent better this morning, owing to the success of the Anion troops before Sebastopol on the 1st. Consols for Money and Account are 891 f. Exchequer Bills 5 10. Omnium has been done at i premium.. The bullion return by the Bank of England shows an increase of 443,9091. In FOreign Stocks, the only change is in Turkish, which is firmer at 73 4. Railways are higher, and there is a disposition to purchase —Caledonitin, 60; Eastern Counties, 111 ; East Lancashire, 73; Manches- ter, Sheffield, and Lincoln, 231 ; Midland, ssi ; North-Eabtern—lierwick, 71; Ditto -York, 48k; North Staffordshire, 124; South-Eastern, 591.

SATVADAY, Two o'CLocx.

The English Funds have been a shade lower since the morning, but have rallied ; Consols, after having been done at 891, leave of 891 1 for Money and Account. Exchequer Bills 510. Onmium has been done at 1 1 pre- mium, and Annuities April 1885 at 164 5-16. In the Foreign Market, Dutch Two-and-a-half per Cents and Venezuela are 1 better ; Equador has been done at 34 1; Grenada Bonds, 151 ; Ditto Deferred, 64; Spanish Cer- tificates, 4; Turkish, 731 4 31 ; and Nrenezuela at 26 A large number of members left the House early to attend the Administrative Reform Meeting at the London Tavern, to which they had been invited by circular letter. Railways are better, and there have been more transactions than are usual at the close of the week—Arnbergate, Notts, Boston, and Eastern Junc- tion, 44; Caledonian, 601; Chester and Holyhead, 13; East Anglian, 141 ; Eastern Counties, 114 ; Eaat Lancashire, 72; Great Northern, 891 ; Ditto A Stock, 74; Great Western, 64 ; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 761 ; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 984; London and North-Western, 981; Lon- don and South-Western, 801 ; Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, 231 ; Midland, 69 ; North British, 27%; North-Eastern—Berwick, 71; Ditto G. N. E. Purchase, 84; Ditto York, 481 ; North Staffordshire. 121; Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton, 25.1; south-Eu3tern, 591; Yale of Neath, 17; Loudon, Tilbury, and Southend, 113 ; Royston, IIitchin, and .Shepreth Stock, 1311 ; Caledonian, 101., 961; Eastern Counties Extension 5 per Cent No. 1, 1 prem.; Great Northern 5 per Cent, 1151 ; Great West- ern, Convertible and Redeemable 41 per Cent, 96; London and Brighton Guaranteed New 5 per Cent, 1151; Midland Preference 4% per Cent, 96; Eastern of France, 35; East Indian Extension, 324; Great Indian Peninsu- lar, 51; Great Western of Canada, 181; Great Luxembourg Constituted Shares, 2; Ditto Obligations, 21; Madras, 164; Northern of France, 351 ; Paris and Lyons, 401 ; Rouen and Havre, 22; Scinde, la prem. Mines— Ague Fria, 1; Brazilian Imperial C,ocaes and Cuiaha, 21; Ditto St. John del Rey, 32; Santiago de Cuba, 6; United Mexican, 64. Joint Stock Banks— British North American, 63; London Chartered Bank of Australia, 201; London and Westminster, 434; Oriental Bank Corporation, 391 ; Union of Australia, 69. Miscellaneous—Crystal Palace, 34; Peninsular and Oriental Steam, 60; Peel River Land and Mineral, 21; South Australian Land, 36.

3 per Cent Consols Litt° for Account 3 per Cent Reduced New 3 per Cents

891 $ 894 I 88 4 881 4

Danish 3 per Cents Dutch 24 per Cents Ditto 4 per Cents Mexican 3 per Cents 81 4 62 4 90 2 204 1 Long Annuities 34 Peruvian 44 per Cents 67 9 Bank Stock 269 12 Ditto 3 per Cents 47 9 Exchequer Bills 5 10 Portuguese 4 per Cents .... 41 3 India Stock 228 31 Russian 3 per Cents 98 100 Austrian 5 per Cents 84 6 Ditto 44 per Cents 8' 9

Brazilian 5 per Cents

98 100 Spanish 3 per Cents 36 Belgian 44 per Cents 91 3ex d. Ditto Deferred 18 1 Chilian 6 per Cents 100 2 Sardinian 5 per Cents 85 Danish 5 per Cents

101 3

Swedish 4 per Cents SO .1