5 MAY 1855, Page 12


Although the distinction between happiness and riches is as well esta- blished as the connexion between honesty and good policy, M. Ernest Serra calls mankind once more to the contemplation of the important moral truth, by furnishing the Odeon with a five-act comedy in verse, entitled Un Mamas Riche. A man of humble fortune wishes to marry his son into a rich family ; but, on close inspection,, the family proves to be as unhappy as it is rich, and the aspirant grows wise by experience. Le Demi-Monde gained the honour of a burlesque some weeks ago now it is further ennobled by the production at the Palais Royal of a sort of imitative comedy, in which the types of a disreputable high so- ciety, depicted by M. Dumas file, are reflected by a series of ideal scamps belonging to a lower rank. The title of the piece, which is the work of MM. Cogniard freres and Bourdois, is Le Monde attnelotte. • M. Van Rees, the Dutch resident in Java, having shown himeelf a liberal benefactor to the theatrical artists of France, the "Association des Artistes Dzematiques," in the person of their Vice-President, M. k. T. Alllert, ;tt taken the opportunity, of his passage through Paris to pub- liaan of the benefits he has confined.