5 MAY 1855, Page 18

Anus. views.* The views of Alma which Major Hamley supplies,

though partitioned into seven points, present a continuous coloured panoramic view, about a yard and a half in length. Coming from an officer who was present at the victory, they possess an interest of association which their artistic merit sustains : in virtue of these sketches, Major Hamley may justly claim to add the title of artist to those of soldier and writer. Done the day after the battle, they represent the incidents of that day, and not the battle itself : dead men and horses, the removal of corpses, and burials, instead of the volleys of cannon, the flash and sweep of swords, and the mad shock of armies. The hill where the battery attacked by the Light Division and Guards was situate is only too clearly marked out by the thickness of the slain—as, clearly as if the assault itself had been the object of representation. The designs were sent over by Major Hamley from before Sebastopol on the 29th December, having been sketched on the spot, and afterwards worked up in colour ; and, aided by a couple of pages of written description, they furnish a clear idea ,of the natural fea- tures of a spot which the memories of Englishmen will long suffice to people with life.

* The Position On the Alma. in Seven Sketches from the Field on the Day after the Battle. By Major-E. B. Hamley, Capt. R.A. Published by Blackwood and Sons.