6 DECEMBER 2003, Page 40


From Andrew Jones Sir: Mark Strauss's analysis of the new antiSemitism (Who hates the Jews now?', 29 November) is a chilling reminder that the far Right and the anti-globalisation movement have much in common in their detestation of global capitalism. Both are collectivist in nature, favouring heavy regulation of the market, and have a visceral dislike of the bourgeoisie, seen as agents of that system.

In Britain, the Stop the War Coalition, a ragbag of far-Left groups and anti-capitalists, have teamed up with Islamic fundamentalists, jettisoned any pretence of human rights and publicly prefer the former regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's no accident that the British National party also supports this coalition.

Here in Paris, things are even worse. The suburbs inhabited by many North Africans are virulently anti-Semitic, while many educated professionals see globalisation as some sort of capitalist plot hatched by a conspiracy of international Jewish financiers in Washington. It would be laughable if such views were not so dangerous.

Andrew Jones