6 DECEMBER 2003, Page 40

Proud to be lazy

From Barbara Field Sir: Rod Liddle's assertion (Women who won't', 29 November) that women who choose to stay at home are merely lazy and idle is. . . spot on in my case.

I stopped working two weeks before my first child was born. He is now 17. I have no intention whatsoever of going back to work. I am not one of these 'stay-at-home mothers who actually don't stay at home': I do stay at home and do mostly bugger all throughout the day. I get up to get the children ready for school, and once that's done I go back to bed with a cup of tea and the Dai4, Telegraph.

I play around on the computer, read books and The Spectator and make odd forays into town for essentials. I bestir myself in the evening to provide a (usually) cooked-from-scratch dinner for husband and bratlings and then feel suitably self-righteous.

I am, of course, taking a great risk in writing this letter, for if it gets printed and my husband reads it. . . .

Barbara Field