6 JANUARY 1912, Page 10

The King and Queen reached Calcutta last Saturday, and all

the accounts agree in stating that the natives have offered. them such an enthusiastic welcome as has been unknown before in India. In his answer to the Corporation's address the King said that, though the capital had been changed,, Calcutta must remain "the premier city" of India. The King in particular expressed his sympathy with the ambition. of Calcutta to make India a great industrial as well as a great, agricultural country. Reuter's agency says that it has been practically settled that Government House at Calcutta shall be retained as a residence for the Viceroy, who will visit Calcutta every year for about a month at Christmas. The Governor-General of Bengal will reside at Belvedere. On. Monday there was a State banquet at Government House. On Tuesday the King and Queen attended the Proclamation, Parade, which commemorates the assumption by Queen Victoria of the title of Empress, and on subsequent days there were various entertainments and ceremonies which were enjoyed by a large influx of people from outside Calcutta.