6 JANUARY 1912, Page 11

It is announced that more than 15,600 signatures have now

been returned in response to the circular issued by the Practitioner on December 19th asking the 29,567 medical men to whom it was addressed to sign a pledge not to accept service under the Insurance Act. The pledge was conditional upon 23,000 doctors accepting it, and more than two-thirds of this necessary number have thus been obtained. A second circular was issued on Wednesday to those from whom no answer has been received, stating this fact, and giving the names of a number of prominent members of the profession who have already sent in their signatures. It was announced in Thursday's papers that a new organization, called the British Medical Association Reform Committee, has been formed within the British Medical Association as a result of the Queen's Hall meeting. Its inaugural meeting is to be held on Tuesday and the basis of agreement among its mem- bers is explained as "an attempt to remedy the failure of the present Connell of the British Medical Association to obtain our just demands."