6 JANUARY 1912, Page 11

Tuesday's Daily Chronicle contains the comment of Mr. Fisher, the

Australian Federal Premier, on Professor Caldeeott's amaz- ing proposal to hand over part of Australia to Germany. Mr. Fisher regards it as " the joke of the season." It had only humorous side, and was so ridiculous as to call for no reply. But he went on to say that Australia was quite open to the Germans. "We shall be delighted to welcome them to live under a better form of government than their own, but we are not thinking of cutting up Australia." That is, of course, the attitude which will be taken throughout Australia. We sincerely trust that no one—here or in Australia—will imagine that we gave publicity to so monstrous a suggestion with any idea but that of condemning it in tote. It was well to let people see by a reductio ad absurdwm, how utterly untenable is the contention of those who argue that we are keeping the Germans out of their rights.