6 JANUARY 1912, Page 36

Lodge's Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage. Directories.

21s. not.)—This work, now published for the eighty-first time, is sufficiently commended by its name. A massive volume of 2,458 pages, it contains every variety of information as to honours, inherited or personal. A now feature is the supplying of informa- tion about the families of knights. This is reasonable enough. The belongings of those who have earned their honours should be as interesting as of those who have inherited them. On a smaller scale and dealing with the present is Whitaker's Peerage, Baronet- age, Knightage, and Oompanionage (12 Warwick Lane, 5s. net), a most convenient volume, in which the information desired may be found easily and certainly.—Kelly's Handbook of the Titled, Landed, and Official Classes (Kelly's Directories, 15s.) has, as will be observed from its title, a somewhat larger scope. The owners of landed property and members of the Services, J.P.'s, and many others appear in it.