6 JANUARY 1912, Page 36

Post Office London Directory. (Kelly's Directories, 40s. and 43s. Od.

; 1 vol. and 2 vole.; 32s. without County Suburbs.)—Lon- don occupies 2,591 pages, and the County Suburbs 856 more. The pages are closely printed, with three columns, and the whole, we may calculate, equals between seven and eight hundred octavo volumes of the ordinary size. To get so much matter into a manageable volume is no small achievement ; the collecting, cor- recting, and ordering it is a labour which it is impossible for an outsider rightly to appreciate. Two maps accompany the volume : of that which directly illustrates it we have more than once spoken with praise ; the other gives the " Suburbs of London." This term includes all those parts of the six Home Counties which are practically suburbs, county (Richmond is a suburb, but not a "county suburb ") suburbs meaning the regions included in the County of London. An inner circle shows London proper, a larger area marked by a line of colour Greater London, and outside this, again, we have an extensive area, of which Ashtead, Uxbridge, Northaw, and Knookholt approximately indicate the limits. This is provided for, we may say, by two distinct directories published in alternate years.