6 JANUARY 1912, Page 9

The Peking correspondent of the Times, in a telegram in

Friday's paper gives a very important piece of news. It is that the Peking newspaper which has hitherto been strongest in its support of the Manchus and in its opposition to the Re- public has gone round and now urges the Imperial Court to recognize the will of the nation and to abdicate. It warns them of the fate of Louis XVI. and of Charles L The Times correspondent adds that the new Republican Cabinet ap- pointed at Nanking comprises some of the ablest men in China. It specially mentions the new Foreign Minister, Wang Chung- hui, who is a graduate of Yale. The Ministers of Agriculture and Finance and of the Interior are also said to be men of great distinction. If a Republic, federal or otherwise, is actually established in China, the world will watch one of the most interesting political experiments that have taken place in the world's history. Pessimists must remember that their generalizations in regard to Orientals and their capacity for self-government by no means apply to China. The Chinaman wears his Orientalism " with a difference."