6 JANUARY 1912, Page 9

The political estrangement between Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Taft has

been brought to a head by a strong attack made by the former upon the President's Arbitration policy. In last week's issue of the Outlook Mr. Roosevelt had an article entitled " The Russian Treaty Arbitration and Hypocrisy," in which he is stated to have accused Mr. Taft of hypocritical inconsistency in not submitting to The Hague the Russian passport dispute. The attack was continued last Saturday in a letter in which Mr. Roosevelt refused an invitation to the peace dinner held that evening, at which Mr. Taft was the chief speaker. In this letter Mr. Roosevelt declared that if Mr. Taft proposed to support the Arbitration treaties un- amended, he was "engaged in what is essentially an

unworthy and, however unconsciously, a hypocritical move against the interests of peace, and against the honour and interests of the United States and civilization."